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We are very proud of our past, present and no doubt, future accomplishments. After 70 years in the gasoline industry, we have become experts at serving our customers and the communities in which we live. Our stores have convenient locations, competitive prices and are extremely well-maintained. But it is our team members that make them safe, friendly, and clean for our customers. All of these efforts combined create an incredible shopping experience and the reason our customers remain dedicated to our 1-Stop brand. We are always looking for opportunities to grow our chain of stores.

As a team member you will also have the ability to grow through job experiences and career advancement opportunities. Of course much of that will be determined by your own commitment in excellence as our team members are expected to work hard, stay honest and put all their focus on the people who pay our wages – our customers.

Here are some quick facts and helpful information about our company:

  •  There are currently eleven 1-Stop Food Stores in Davison, Flint, Lapeer, Fenton, Mt. Morris and Burton
  • 7 stores sell Mobil fuels and the other 4 sell unbranded fuels under the 1-Stop brand • 6 of our stores have touch free carwashes; store #4 in Fenton also has two self-serve bays
  •  10 of our stores are open 24 hours, 7 days a week; store #11 closes on third shift
  •  There are lot of opportunities for advancement, in fact, we are proud to say that all of our managers started as cashiers and were promoted from within our company.
  •  Team positions include: store manager, lead cashier, assistant lead cashier, sale associates, store auditors, district team leader and maintenance.
  • Team members can earn a paid vacation after one year in their position.
  • Team members are paid time and a half for specified Holidays including: Christmas/New Years Day, Memorial/Labor Day, 4th of July and Thanksgiving Day
  • We are an equal opportunity employer and provide competitve wages, bonus opportunities and flexible scheduling